Monday, August 27, 2012

Super Quick ScrapSpace Tour & Almost 400+ Subbies Giveaway!... =)

Hola everyone... Hope u just came from my YT channel... Thanx u all soo soo much for subbin' to my channel and all ur wonderful support.... If u haven't already done so, plz subscribe... U really won't be disappointed... So to make this long vid into a ittybitty story.... Here's a really quick tour of my "scrapspace" & wanna start off with an ittybitty giveaway because YAY!... I'm ALMOST at 400+ subbies... So for the start I'm giving away sum TA glimmer mist!.... Plz stay tuned all... Instead of doing a random bigole giveaway imma be doing random small ones like I alwayz have... So YAY!... It means more chances for you'll to enter... So thanx soo much for stoppin' by my blog... Hope u continue to watch my vids on YT.... =)

Rules for the giveaway:
1) Be a subbie/follower of my YT/blog
2) Leave a comment down below on channel/post


Good luck to u all... (=

Lotz of Hugz,
 ღ ∫ℓ∂ηℓttℓ ღ


  1. Just came from subbing at your youtube channel, checking out your blog now. Thank you for a chance to enter your giveaway.

  2. Again, your crafting space is adorable..loving the purple wall as well!! thanks for the GREAT opportunity! :-)

  3. I thought I was following you already but that was my old blog so i'm back lol hugs Terrie

  4. I am following and have been for some time now. Thanks for the quick tour. I enjoyed it.

  5. Hey!!! New follower here ((: So, can't wait to explore in your lovely blog!!! Thanks so much for a chance in your giveaway &LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your scrappy space ((:

  6. hi ive been following for a while now love your vids my 3 year old daughter likes to watch as well and she always points out your hello kittys lol