Monday, December 10, 2012

FFF: GF Challenge: Christmas or Holiday Themed Card... =)

Hola everyone,
YAY!... It's almost Christmas... Only 15 more dayz...  =)
Ok so here is the card that I created for the FFF GreetingFarm challenge that is going on over on the GF Blog. A little different, but I luv it... ;)... Go and check out the awesome challenge!... Their challenges are ohh sooo much fun!...  I <3 TGF.... (=

TY ohh soo much for stoppin' by my blog... =)

Lotz of Hugz,
ღ ∫ℓ∂ηℓttℓ ღ

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SOG Sketch Challenge... =)

Hola everyone... =)
Today I wanted to share with u all a card I created for the Sketch Challenge over at the  SomeOddGirlBlog...  I had soo much fun creating w/ my new stamp... I know, I'm a little early w/ creating my Christmas cards but really u don't wanna be late... Hehe!... =)

Here's the sketch:

& the card that I created:

So there u have it... =)

TY ohh soo much for stoppin' by...

Lotz of Hugz,
 ღ ∫ℓ∂ηℓttℓ ღ

Sunday, October 28, 2012

FFF: Clean & Simple Challenge... =)

Hola everyone,
So here's my entry for TGF Clean & Simple Challenge... Totally the first SIMPLE card I think I've ever created... Hehe!... But I luv it...

Items Used:
AC Coordinating CardStock
TGF Sweet & Toxic Stamp
Lawn Fawn Happy Everything Stamp Set
Lawn Fawn Happy Hauting Stamp Set
MS Baker's Twine
MS Edger Punch-Skull & Crossbones Trim

Super Sweet N Simple Card... =)

Thanx a bunch for stoppin by....(;

Lotz of Hugz,
ღ ∫ℓ∂ηℓttℓ ღ

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

QuickCard Shares... =)

Hola everyone, that follow my blog... Hehe!... OMG I know it's been like the longest time I've posted anythin' on here... Well only two months to be exact, Hehe!... Well what can I say, LIFE... Soo many things have been going on n if u don't watch my YT channel u probably don't know all the info... But enough of my personal life... I just wanted to quickly share w/ u all a couple of cards that I have created that I haven't had the chance to post on my blog... Well here u go... =)
Thanx a bunch for stopin' by... (=

Lotz of Hugz,
ღ ∫ℓ∂ηℓttℓ ღ

Monday, August 27, 2012

Super Quick ScrapSpace Tour & Almost 400+ Subbies Giveaway!... =)

Hola everyone... Hope u just came from my YT channel... Thanx u all soo soo much for subbin' to my channel and all ur wonderful support.... If u haven't already done so, plz subscribe... U really won't be disappointed... So to make this long vid into a ittybitty story.... Here's a really quick tour of my "scrapspace" & wanna start off with an ittybitty giveaway because YAY!... I'm ALMOST at 400+ subbies... So for the start I'm giving away sum TA glimmer mist!.... Plz stay tuned all... Instead of doing a random bigole giveaway imma be doing random small ones like I alwayz have... So YAY!... It means more chances for you'll to enter... So thanx soo much for stoppin' by my blog... Hope u continue to watch my vids on YT.... =)

Rules for the giveaway:
1) Be a subbie/follower of my YT/blog
2) Leave a comment down below on channel/post


Good luck to u all... (=

Lotz of Hugz,
 ღ ∫ℓ∂ηℓttℓ ღ

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Quick Card Share... =)

Super quick card share I created for a special friend on YT... She will unexpectedly receive in 1-2 dayz... Yay!... Hope she likies... I had sooo much fun creating it... Thanx a bunch for stoppin' by... =)

Lotz of Hugz,
ღ ∫ℓ∂ηℓttℓ ღ


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

PaperDrama & ScrapStress Card Challenges!... =)

Here are the two cards that I created for the challenges that Jo- PaperDrama & Rina- ScrapStress were both hosting over on YouTube... =)
I had soo much fun with both challenges... & Black& White for reallies was a challenge for me, my very first ever!... =)

Thanx a bunch for stoppin' by... (=

Lotz of Hugz,
ღ ∫ℓ∂ηℓttℓ ღ

Friday, May 18, 2012

I ღ Paris ATC Swap @

Hi everyone...
I know its been a while... Here are the I ღ Paris ATC's, that I created.... They're from a swap I joined, hosted by Yvonne over @ I had soo much fun creating them, n I hope my group luvs 'em... Thanx a bunch for stoppin' by... =)

Lotz of Hugz,
 ღ ∫ℓ∂ηℓttℓ ღ

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Handmade Card For a Special Friend... =)

Hi everyone,
Here is quick handmade card that I created yesterday, for a special friend... It is for Yvonne(ScrapBliss) as thank you for hosting the DressForm Altered TagSwap over @ Hope she likey...  Thanx a bunch for stoppin' by... =)

Lotz of Hugz,
ღ ∫ℓ∂ηℓttℓ ღ

Saturday, April 14, 2012

DressForm Tag Swap @

Hi everyone, here are the tags that I created for a DressForm TagSwap hosted by Ivonne @ My lighting is ohh soo not good... Hope that the recipients would likey... =)
Thanx a bunch for stopin' by... (=

Lotz of Hugz,

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today... Super Quick Card... =)

Hey everyone, I quickly created this card today for my son's teacher. It is her birthday tomorrow n I know she love to drink Starbucks... Hehe!... So this is the card that I created... =)
Thanx a bunch for stoppin' by...

Lotz of Hugz,
      ღ ∫ℓ∂ηℓttℓ ღ

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Recent Projects... =)

Hi everyone, here are just a two cards that I created during this past weekend...
Hope the recipients will love 'em as much as I had fun creating them... =)

Lotz of Hugz,
ღ ∫ℓ∂ηℓttℓ ღ


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Welcome to My New Blog Giveaways... =)

Yay!... Well as most of u already know I have decided to change my YT & my Blog name!... For the reason being no one here on YT can ever remember my name... Hehe!... Or can't pronounce it... I know sad to say... =/.... Hehe!... Actually kinda funny... But NEwhoo... So there are actually THREE CHANCES for u to enter & win my giveaways...

1) Subscribe to my YT channel & leave a comment on the official Giveaway vid...
2) Follow my Blog & leave a comment on this post...
3) Make a YT vid response...

Ok. So those are the three ways u can get ur name in three different baskets so I can draw up ur name... If u'all know what I mean.. Hehe!.. If u'all have any questions plz PM... =)
Giveaways close March 17, 2012... Thanx a bunch... (=

ღ ∫ℓ∂ηℓttℓ ღ

I will be adding more goodies to the prizes, u just won't know what until whoever wins receives...
It'll be a great SURPRISE!.... =)

GoodLuck Everyone... =)